Baldwin County (Georgia) Cemeteries

Cemetery details

Unnamed graves at Westover Plantation (possibly Old Jordan Cemetery)

Located 500 feet behind and slightly to the left of the Westover plantation house.

GPS coordinates: 33 07' 49.6" N 83 17' 43.2" W
or in degrees only form: 33.13044° N X 83.29533° W
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GMD: 318
Cemetery Status: Inactive
Gain permission before visiting this cemetery.

This cemetery may be the Old Jordan Cemetery, but at this time we are not sure.

Unmarked Graves

Possibly 3-4 graves.
Grave 1
Unmarked Adult Grave John Harper

- May 31, 1897
Possibly buried here. Buried in "Old Jordan cemetery", which may be this cemetery.
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Grave 2