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James W. McMillan

May 6, 1850 - Dec 16, 1925

Cemetery: Memory Hill
West Side, Section I, Lot 11, Grave 11
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Inscription and Notes:

b. Glasgow, Scotland. d. Milledgeville

James W. McMillan

James W. McMillan

In the picture above: the family of James and Hattie McMillan: Top, left to right - Carrie Jeanie, Neil, Hattie, James Hatton, Robert Wilson, Jessie Albertha "Bertha", Isabella "Belle". Bottom, left to right - Kenneth Gladstone, James Wilson, Sarah DeSaussure "Dessie", Hatton Cornette, Catherine McLay, Donald McQueen, portrait of Otis Powell McMillan.

James W. McMillan came to the U.S. in 1867, married Hatton Cornette on October 17, 1871 in Atlanta, GA; d. December 26, 1925 in Milledgeville, GA.

He was an optimist and told people that they were living on a gold mine of red clay. He owned a well-known brick business and created the famous brick rope which surrounds the lot.

On his grave marker is the thistle (a symbol of Scottish descent, earthly sorrow, and defiance) and three six-pointed stars, the Seal of Solomon. The Seal of Solomon has the intertwining of the two triangles, symbolizing man's material nature interacting with his spiritual nature. This seal is associated with the Freemason society and is found on the Great Seal of the United States.


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