Sparta Cemetery

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Valentina Pitts

- Nov 11, 1852

Section A, Lot 96, Grave 1
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Inscription and Notes: 61st year near Milledgeville on journey to see her children in Alabama. She was on
Cane(?) Savanna Sumter District, SC, where we were married. w/o Jeremiah Pitts.

Valentina Pitts


Died near Milledgeville while on a journey to see a part of her children in Alabama on the 11 November 1852 in her 61st year. She was on(from?) Cane Savanna Sumter District, SC, where we were married and near which we resided. She left 5 children besides a grandchild. Her memory is dear to those that knew her best. She was to me all that a good wife could be. Her virtuous example I trust will be ever dear to her children and it will be their endeavor to imitate her virtues. We have parted but I trust to meet again in heaven.

Jeremiah Pitts

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