Sparta Cemetery

More Information on Ruth Hilleri Anderson Napier

Ruth Hilleri Anderson Napier

Oct 26, 1907 - Nov 26, 2001

Section F, Lot 19, Grave 3
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Inscription and Notes:

d. near Stony Point, N.C.

Ruth Napier

RUTH A. NAPIER (formerly Ruth A. Guill, nee Ruth Hilleri Anderson) was born October 26, 1907 in Lynn, Massachusetts, the only child of Carl Fritiof Anderson and his wife Bertha Hertz Anderson. Her mother was born October 9, 1872 in Sweden and immigrated to the United States in 1904. Her father was born January 18, 1874 in Sweden and immigrated to the United States from Goteborg, Sweden in 1903. Her parents were married November 10, 1906. She grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts at 38 Hudson Street; and each of her parents lived at that address until his or her death. Her first husband was Richard A. Guill. They were married on October 5, 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From the time of her marriage to Richard A. Guill until 1946, he was on active duty with the United States Navy and he and his family lived at various places in the United States. By their marriage she had three children: Marshall Franklin Guill II, born April 5, 1932 in Norfolk, Virginia; Richard Anderson Guill, born July 25, 1933 in Norfolk, Virginia; and Carl Abner Guill, born March 10, 1943 in Spokane, Washington. During World War II, in 1943, she and her three sons moved to Sparta in to live with her mother-in law at 516 E. Broad Street while her husband was serving at sea. Her husband joined her in Sparta upon his retirement from the Navy in 1946 but died the following year. Except for a short period of time during which she temporarily returned to Quincy, Massachusetts to stay with her mother who was aged and in poor health, she lived 516 E. Broad Street from 1943 until she moved to North Carolina in 1996, At that time her failing health made it unwise for her to live alone and she moved to Stony Point, North Carolina to live with her son Richard and his wife Judy. At various times she was employed as a legal secretary. After her children were grown, she married LeRoy S. Napier, a widower who owned and operated Napier's Drug Store in Sparta. No children were born to this marriage and he preceded her in death. Her son Marshall also preceded her in death and is buried in Tifton, Georgia. Her sons Richard and Carl survived her.

Source: First Husband's Nephew Gordon Lee Dickens, Jr., whose knowledge is derived from: (a) personal knowledge; (b) conversations with Ruth A. Napier; (b) family Bible and other family records.

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