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Jere Neuville Moore

Apr 6, 1835 - Oct 21, 1902

West Side, Section D, Lot 112, Grave 13
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Latitude: 33.07558867, Longitude: -83.22962543 -- See location on Google map.

Inscription and Notes:

Joined Federal Union in 1847; became editor when it became Union and Recorder.

Jeremiah Neuville Moore

(from The Union-Recorder Sept 7-9, 2002)

Jeremiah Neuville Moore entered the newspaper business at the age of 12 and studied the business until he had mastered every detail.

At the beginning of the Civil War, Jeremiah was made foreman of the office. By that time he had a reputation for being wise, courageous and honest and had won the confidence and respect of his employees and the citizens of Milledgeville. With Milledgeville serving as the political center of Georgia, Jeremiah became foreman of the most influential paper in the state.

According to the Moore family history housed at Georgia Military College (GMC), Jeremiah played a major role in establishing Middle Georgia Military Agricultural College, today's GMC. He was made a trustee in 1879 when the school opened and maintained the position until his death.

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