About this Website

This website is the result of volunteer efforts spanning many years and several people. In the 1990s, Larry McAdams and Robby Mixon, later joined by Eileen Babb McAdams began surveying cemeteries and adding them to a Wilkinson County Cemeteries website. Through their efforts over 11,000 graves were surveyed.

In February 2006, it was decided to begin integrating the Wilkinson County cemeteries into the format of this web site. A joint effort between Eileen McAdams, Warren Layfield, Susan Harrington, Larry McAdams and other volunteers occurred to resurvey the cemeteries and add them to this web site. In 2009, the survey was completed.

Be aware that gravestones are frequently very difficult to read because of wear, lighting, breakage and dirt. Volunteers do everything possible to read stones accurately, sometimes in extremely adverse conditions, and some errors are inevitable.

If you find any website problems, please e-mail the webmaster, Susan Harrington, at moreinfo@NOSPAM_FriendsofCems.org (remove the "NOSPAM_" from the "TO" address before sending. This is included to keep automated spammers from harvesting the e-mail name).

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