Glossary and Abbreviations

b.       born
bn.     battalion
c/o     child of
ca.     circa or approximately
         a wife whose husband is not yet deceased
          low wall surrounding a lot or a group of graves
CR      county road
CSA    Confederate States of America
d.       died
d/o     daughter of

Global Positioning Satellite. A specific longitude and latitude position which is accurate to within a few feet. A GPS unit can direct a person to a location, such as a cemetery, specified by the longitude and lattitude. Use of a GPS is recommended for pinpointing difficult-to-find cemeteries in woods or off of the highway.

h/o     husband of
hwy    highway
insc.   inscription, or what is actually written on the grave marker
lot      a grouping of graves, often of family members. Lots tend to be rectangular in shape and,
          in large cemeteries, are often numbered within a section: for example, Section F, Lot 5.
          People are numbered within the lots.

per <person's name>
per or according to a person who participated in this current indexing project. The person providing information is usually a family member.
a widow; survivor (her husband has already died)
a large grouping of lots and graves that are often surrounded by driveways or are divided for ease of finding graves.
a rectangular piece of cement, granite, or marble that is in the shape of the grave and lies over the grave indicating the approximate shape and size of the grave

s/o      son of

designates that the grave has no indication, as of the current time, of who is buried there. The grave may, however, have a slab, wooden cross or stone which indicates that the grave exists.
vault   a raised grave or structure over a grave
w/o     wife of
WWI   World War I
WWII  World War II