Nunn and Wheeler Cemetery
Location: Go 1.8 miles south from the Baldwin-Wilkinson County line on Hwy 112 (Vinson Hwy). Turn right on Nunn-Wheeler Road and go 0.1 mile to the cemetery on your right.

GPS coordinates: 32 56' 48.8" N 83 10' 00.6"
or in degrees only form: 32.94689 N X 83.16683 W
See location on a Google map in a new window (NOTE:The map opens in a new window. The cemetery will be at the location indicated by a red 'A'.)

Date last visited: May 2009
Cemetery Status: Active
Predominant race: White

Other info: The graves face east. The cemetery was surveyed starting in the southwest corner. Lots are in rows running south to north. The first row is on the west side, and the last row is on the east side.

Indexer(s) or Contributor(s): Larry McAdams, Eileen Babb McAdams, Warren Layfield, Susan Harrington

List of Graves

LotPers No.NameBirthDeathInscription and NotesService
10 L. (cornerstone)   No graves.    
20 E. (cornerstone)   No graves    
31Billy Vinson   No dates as of Apr. 27, 2009.    
32Angela Vinson   No dates as of Apr. 27, 2009    
33John W. Vinson Jul 22, 1961Jan 23, 2008IV    
41Edward C. Clayton, III May 27, 1937Nov 9, 2000M.D.    
50 L. (cornerstone)   No graves    
60 Hancock   No graves as of Apr. 27, 2009    
71Betty Daniels Pierce Mar 16, 1931Jul 20, 2004   
80 L. (cornerstone)   No graves    
91Robert Melvin Langford, Sr. Oct 27, 1926Nov 6, 2008Melvin   World War II
EM1 U.S. Navy
92Rebecca Resseau Langford Feb 3, 1934 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009. "Becky"
Children: Melvin, Jr.; Willis; Wayne
101Charlie W. Bloodworth Oct 2, 1916Dec 9, 1999Shares headstone with Johnnie L. Bloodworth  World War II
PFC U.S. Army. Bronze star. Purple
102Johnnie L. Bloodworth Jul 31, 1920Dec 6, 1990Mama. Shares headstone with Charlie W. Bloodworth   
103Charles W. Bloodworth Aug 17, 1950Aug 14, 1996Wendell    
110 B. (cornerstone)   No graves    
111    Unmarked graves:
2 graves: one possibly a child grave.
121    Unmarked adult grave:
Relatively new grave as of Apr. 27, 2009
131Adrian Barry Goss Feb 28, 1958Nov 18, 2006   
140 L. (cornerstone)   No graves    
151Willie Pearl L. Pace Jun 8, 1922Nov 8, 1990   
161Milo Farmer Golden Feb 13, 1914Nov 3, 1987   
162Lorene Lord Golden Nov 12, 1914Sep 3, 2006   
171Edward M. Golden Mar 17, 1922 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009. Shares headstone with Helen E. Golden
Children: Mike; Edward, Jr; Nancy
172Helen E. Golden Nov 29, 1940 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009. Shares headstone with Edward M. Golden.
Children: Mike; Edward, Jr; Nancy; John; Cindy; Rickie; Mike
180    No graves    
191    Unmarked adult slab.    
192Minnie W. Reynolds Feb 21, 1923Feb 10, 2008   
201Treanor "Bud" D. Grimes Nov 6, 1900Nov 28, 1984Shares headstone with Bessie R. Grimes    
202Bessie R. Grimes Jun 1, 1903Jan 8, 1986Shares headstone with Treanor D. Grimes   
211Thomas Jerome Angles Mar 2, 1913Aug 17, 1987"T.J.", Father.    
212Laura W. Angles Oct 26, 1920Dec 8, 2007Mother. Mama    
213Scharline Done Angles Feb 21, 1954Feb 22, 1954Daughter    
221Willie Mae W. Fountain Dec 10, 1903Nov 27, 1941Mother    
222M. M. Fountain Dec 21, 1903Nov 24, 1969Father    
223Macie Fountain Chapman May 5, 1909Nov 7, 1983Granny Macie    
231John Willie Vinson, Jr. Sep 18, 1911Aug 13, 2001Father. Shares headstone with Mary Dent Vinson   
232Mary Dent Vinson Jan 1, 1911Feb 2, 2000Mother. Shares headstone with John Willie Vinson, Jr.   
241Charles G. Vinson Jan 27, 1945Oct 16, 1989Son    
242Hughlon E. Vinson Apr 11, 1921Jan 29, 2001Father    
243Thomas Edward Vinson May 30, 1943May 30, 1943Son    
250 C. (cornerstone)   No graves    
260 C. (cornerstone)   No graves    
271Dennis M. Criswell Jul 24, 1954Oct 6, 1979"Remember me, O Jehovah". Son    
272Claude J. Criswell Nov 11, 1909Dec 29, 1976Daddy. Shares headstone with Sallie W. Criswell   
273Sallie W. Criswell Oct 31, 1909Sep 8, 1999Mama. Shares headstone with Claude J. Criswell   
281Reuben Ivey Patterson Aug 20, 1901May 27, 1974Daddy. Shares headstone with Coy Dellington Snow Patterson   
282Coy Dellington Snow Patterson Nov 1, 1901Sep 13, 1983Mother    
283Roy Lee Patterson Oct 4, 1919Jan 1, 1920   
284Charley Otha Patterson Dec 7, 1925Dec 30, 1925   
285Willie Eugene Patterson Jan 24, 1927Mar 24, 2004Daddy   World War II
PFC U.S. Army
286    Unmarked adult grave.    
287Gussie Godard Apr 20, 1904Oct 31, 1977Rest in peace with no suffering    
291James Lane Smith Nov 18, 1952May 10, 1972Shares headstone with Deborah Lane Smith   
292Deborah Lane Smith Apr 8, 1951Sep 25, 1982Shares headstone with James Lane Smith   
301Kenneth David Smith Apr 20, 1951Sep 22, 1997  Vietnam War
Cpl U.S. Marine Corps
302Henry Lane Smith Nov 22, 1909Feb 27, 1976  World War II
PHM2 U.S. Navy
311Clyde Gary Daniels May 8, 1896Dec 13, 1969Shares headstone with Bertha J. Daniels.   World War II
Georgia, PFC 23 Infantry
312Bertha J. Daniels Mar 16, 1898Nov 2, 1982Mother. Shares headstone with Clyde Gary Daniels   
321C. Cosby Daniels Dec 30, 1933Nov 2, 1991Daddy   Military Service:
U.S. Army
331Buford Jones Sep 26, 1920Nov 2, 1995Daddy    
332Lillian Brewer Jones Jan 20, 1924Mar 9, 2009Unmarked adult grave: All info from obituary.
Grave not marked as of Apr 27, 2009.
333Inf son of Buford & Lillian Jones  Apr 11, 1942   
334Linda Jones Patterson Feb 25, 1954Aug 25, 2004Beloved mother, daughter, & sister    
341Willie R. Thompson Jan 11, 1896Sep 29, 1978Masonic symbol    
342Lucille W. Thompson Nov 4, 1904Dec 24, 1994   
343Iverson Thompson May 18, 1926May 23, 1926   
344Carrie L. Thompson Mar 1, 1927Mar 3, 1927   
345Inf son Thompson Apr 3, 1929Apr 9, 1929   
351Lonnie Edward McCoy May 21, 1925Dec 16, 1978Daddy. Military marker has birth day as May 22.  World War II
SSC U.S. Navy
352Georgia M. McCoy Sep 28, 1926 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009    
353Ronald E. McCoy Apr 11, 1947Aug 22, 1996Son of Lonnie & Georgia McCoy. Our loving son   
354Myra E. McCoy May 26, 1945 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009. Dau of Lonnie and Georgia McCoy.
Our loving daughter
355Evans Ernest Lavender Sep 14, 1915Nov 23, 1995"Ed" "Papa Ed". Our loving friend.   World War II
PFC U.S. Army
361Bennette A. Vincent Jul 4, 1908May 13, 1992Daddy. Jesus said what therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder
- Matt 19:6.
362Belle R. Vincent Apr 21, 1912Jan 13, 1998Mother. Shares headstone with Bennette A. Vincent   
371Hayward V. Smith Mar 9, 1909Nov 29, 1983Papa. Shares headstone with Carrie Bell B. Smith   
372Carrie Bell B. Smith Oct 1, 1909Oct 23, 1998Nannie. Shares headstone with Hayward V. Smith   
381Mirabeau H. Council Aug 19, 1906May 1, 1993Shares headstone with Ima S. Council    
382Ima S. Council Mar 9, 1909Dec 18, 1977Mama. Shares headstone with Mirabeau H. Council   
390 P. (cornerstone)   No visible graves    
401Ras Pennington Jun 6, 1895Jul 17, 1969Buddy   World War I
Georgia PFC Co G 326 Infantry
402Irene Carr Pennington Jan 2, 1900Jul 23, 1976Irena    
403Inf son of Mr & Mrs. Ras Pennington Jan 7, 1923Jan 8, 1923   
411David Steven Williams Sep 27, 1957Feb 23, 1981   
421    Unmarked adult slab.    
431Robert Rufus Jones Jan 26, 1921Jan 28, 1986Daddy. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him   
432Harvey Bruce Jones Aug 4, 1947Oct 8, 1965Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him.   
433Pauline Day Jones Apr 21, 1926 Mother. No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord,
and let light perpetual shine upon her.
441Tom H. Pennington May 15, 1909May 5, 1993Daddy. Masonic emblem. Shares headstone with Ruth J. Pennington   
442Ruth J. Pennington Sep 2, 1908Sep 16, 2002Ma Ruth. Eastern Star. Shares headstone with Tom H. Pennington   
443Augustus Franklin Pennington Jun 16, 1871Feb 19, 1963Shares headstone with Mamie Lou Pennington. Whither thou goest I will go.   
444Mamie Lou Pennington Aug 7, 1883Feb 7, 1954Shares headstone with Augustus Franklin Pennington   
445Marvin W. Pennington Dec 4, 1907Oct 18, 1910Son of Mr. & Mrs. A. F. Pennington. Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. Darling.   
446Gladys Pennington Jan 15, 1906Jan 19, 1995   
447Benjamin Ivey Pennington Dec 8, 1887Mar 18, 1971Shares headstone with Ola Johns Pennington   
448Ola Johns Pennington Oct 24, 1891Jul 18, 1950Shares headstone with Benjamin Ivey Pennington   
449Lindsey Pennington 1922Mar 5, 1945  World War II
PFC Co. C. 31st Repl. 5th Div. U.S.M.C.
Died on Iwo Jima.
4410Charlie C. Pennington Feb 1, 1921Nov 13, 1921Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven    
4411Hazel Pennington Dyal May 14, 1912Jan 2, 1985   
4412Tully Sanford Pennington Oct 2, 1913Feb 22, 1982Friend of students. He enjoyed the beauty of God's creation, inspired us to appreciate
the craftsmanship, and increased our understanding of it.
4413Mary Frances Pennington Aug 21, 1916Jul 27, 1969   
451C. Royce Johns Aug 4, 1901May 23, 1976Shares headstone with Eva Lee C. Johns   
452Eva Lee C. Johns Jan 15, 1905May 11, 1960Shares headstone with C. Royce Johns    
461George W. Gilmore May 13, 1912Feb 23, 1966Daddy. Shares headstone with Susan J. Gilmore   
462Susan J. Gilmore Mar 21, 1912Aug 2, 1980Mama. Shares headstone with George W. Gilmore   
471Marvin Cato McCook Apr 10, 1929Jul 25, 2003   
481Vinnie Marvin McCook Feb 28, 1899Oct 6, 1969Daddy    
482Pearl Allen McCook Sep 8, 1899Nov 26, 1970Mother    
491Margarite Bloodworth Martin Carr Aug 1, 1920Mar 17, 1990Mother. Shares headstone with James Ulysses Bloodworth (her brother
per Eileen Babb McAdams).
492James Ulysses Bloodworth Oct 28, 1930Sep 29, 1983Daddy.   Korean War
PFC U.S. Army
501William Franklin Bloodworth Feb 28, 1891Jul 27, 1956Father. Shares headstone with Ada Whitaker Bloodworth   
502Ada Whitaker Bloodworth May 23, 1894Mar 17, 1965Mother. Shares headstone with William Franklin Bloodworth   
503William F. Bloodworth, Jr. Jul 27, 1917Nov 1, 1948Son.   World War II
Georgia TEC4 Coast Arty Corps.
511William C. Parham Sep 29, 1904Mar 19, 1982Just asleep in Jesus. Father. Shares headstone with Sarah F. Parham   
512Sarah F. Parham Jul 21, 1907Nov 12, 1992Mother. Remember friends as you pass by as you are now, once was I. As I am now,
you must be. Prepare for heaven, and follow me.
521Willard G. Barrett May 3, 1905Jan 13, 1996Shares headstone with Nelle M. Barrett. Papa   
522Nelle M. Barrett Oct 10, 1905Jun 27, 1981Mama. Shares headstone with Willard G. Barrett   
523Ann Barrett Waller Dec 29, 1930Nov 10, 1999Rest in peace Meme    
531Ellis M. Bloodworth Oct 21, 1912Mar 16, 2008Shares headstone with Hettie C. Bloodworth   
532Hettie C. Bloodworth Apr 3, 1921 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009. Shares headstone with Ellis M. Bloodworth   
533Carol E. Bloodworth Feb 19, 1940Dec 25, 1972Daddy    
541Juanita Johns  Nov 26, 1952Infant of Mrs. C. M. Johns    
542Robert Lee Johns Mar 3, 1911Aug 29, 1994Papa
Shares headstone with Clara Eady Johns. Death date on mil marker:Aug 27.
World War II
Private U.S. Army
543Clara Eady Johns Jul 31, 1918Jul 10, 1993Granny. Clara Mae. Shares headstone with Robert Lee Johns   
551Joe R. Smith Feb 12, 1919Nov 27, 1994Shares headstone with Mildred A. Smith  World War II
TEC5 U.S. Army
552Mildred A. Smith Nov 21, 1925 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009. Shares headstone with Joe R. Smith   
561Richard L. Bloodworth Mar 27, 1930 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009. Shares headstone with Faye C. Bloodworth   
562Faye C. Bloodworth Dec 28, 1933 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009. Shares headstone with Richard L. Bloodworth   
563R. L. Bloodworth, Jr. Nov 4, 1966Nov 4, 1966Son    
571Carrie L. Bloodworth Dec 28, 1874Feb 16, 1947Mother    
572James T. Bloodworth Dec 10, 1868Oct 22, 1948Father. Shares headstone with Carrie L. Bloodworth   
581Calvin Newton Moore Dec 26, 1934Apr 5, 1973   
591Edd Moore Aug 7, 1941Aug 8, 1941   
592Joseph Cecil Moore Jul 27, 1922Dec 2, 1943  World War II
Georgia Pvt. 21 Academic SQ AC.
No war indicated. WWII assumed.
593Blanche Hancock Moore Oct 8, 1900Jan 12, 1967Mother    
594Maynor Newton Moore Jul 10, 1898May 8, 1972Daddy    
601Melvin Franklin Moore Apr 30, 1928Feb 17, 1987  Korean War
AB U.S. Air Force
611John E. Jackson Aug 18, 1881Jan 2, 1966Shares headstone with Alie C. Jackson   
612Alie C. Jackson Nov 14, 1882Jun 12, 1945   
621William Judson Daniels Jun 14, 1901Aug 13, 1984Father. Shares headstone with Mabell Jones Daniels   
622Mabell Jones Daniels Jan 10, 1908Nov 13, 1996Mother. Shares headstone with William Judson Daniels   
631Marjorie Ann Lindsey Jul 20, 1937Feb 15, 1991Mama    
632James Albert Starley Jun 1, 1955Feb 12, 2005"Big Al" Father. Mar'd Aug 1, 1976 (nobody buried next to him yet).   
641William R. Bloodworth Dec 6, 1940 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009. Shares headstone with Sandra C. Bloodworth   
642Sandra C. Bloodworth Mar 22, 1943Nov 21, 2004Beloved wife and mother. Mar'd Apr. 17, 1960 to William R. Bloodworth   
651Ralph M. Bloodworth Jul 12, 1903Aug 25, 1942Daddy. The Lord observes the good deeds done by Godly men, and gives them eternal
rewards. Psalms 37:18.
652Sarah D. Bloodworth Dec 13, 1903Jun 23, 1993Mama. Who can find a virtuous woman? She openeth her mouth with wisdom;
and in her tongue is the law of kindness. Proverbs 31:10, 26.
661Margaret Lawson Council Oct 24, 1915 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009    
662C. Leroy Lawson Apr 30, 1910Oct 18, 1976   
671Iverson D. Golden Feb 6, 1924Apr 3, 1983  World War II
Capt. U.S. Air Force
672    Unmarked adult grave.    
681Charles Lester Moore Jun 21, 1932Aug 2, 2000But O for the touch of a vanished hand, and the sound of a voice that is still!  Korean War
Cpl U.S. Army
682Charles Randall Moore Feb 4, 1959Feb 12, 1959   
691Berry F. Polk Mar 20, 1850Sep 1, 1940Shares headstone with Elizabeth P. Polk   
692Elizabeth P. Polk Dec 29, 1871Dec 31, 1942Shares headstone with Berry F. Polk    
693Owen M. Johnson, Jr. Jun 22, 1933Feb 24, 1944Buddy    
694Owen M. Johnson Mar 11, 1903Dec 12, 1958Shares headstone with Zelda P. Johnson   
695Zelda P. Johnson Jul 10, 1907 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009    
701Joseph Thomas Jones Oct 1, 1861Apr 1, 1941   
702Carrie McCook Jones Oct 20, 1863Mar 30, 1953   
711Fleming W. Freeman May 18, 1893Jul 6, 1949  World War I
Georgia PFC Gen Hosp 6
712Ima Laura Jones Freeman May 22, 1901Feb 1, 1986Laura and Jones from old slab. Newer stone has Ima J. Freeman only.   
713Brenda Dell Dunlap  Jun 28, 1958Mama & Daddy's darling    
714Laura Angela Parker Jul 23, 1969Jul 25, 1969Only sleeping    
715Calvin M. Freeman Feb 29, 1932Sep 22, 1973  Korean War
Georgia CPL U.S. Army
716Huby Fleming Freeman Feb 11, 1927Dec 16, 1979  World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
1st Sgt U.S. Army
721J. Tillman Arrington Nov 18, 1876Jul 25, 1952   
722Roy Grady Starley, Sr. Feb 11, 1912Oct 12, 1977Daddy    
723Louella A. Starley Dec 17, 1915Dec 21, 1971Mother    
724Roy Grady Starley, Jr. Jan 19, 1935Sep 17, 1982Daddy   Military Service:
A3C U.S. Air Force
725Stella Waller Starley Jan 25, 1939Apr 24, 1983Mother. Dead on earth, Alive in Christ    
731Robert W. Arrington Nov 2, 1923Aug 2, 1971   
732Margaret Blackmon Robinson Arrington Greene Oct 10, 1944May 1, 1986   
733John Albert Arrington 19671967   
734Wanda Carol Arrington 19661966   
741Aaron Harvey Wester Mar 22, 1902Feb 15, 1970"Wester". Shares headstone with Anna Frances Bloodworth Wester Stallard.
Marker has Psalm 23.
742Anna Frances Bloodworth Wester Stallard Sep 21, 1912Jan 26, 2000Our beloved Mama and Nannie. Shares headstone with Aaron Harvey Wester.   
751Inf of M/M Hugh Bloodworth      
761Willie Mae Golden Apr 14, 1890Aug 7, 1945   
762W. Henry Golden, Sr. Sep 4, 1889Jan 16, 1938   
763W. H. Golden, Jr. Jun 10, 1911Dec 18, 1937"Bo"    
771James F. Golden Oct 16, 1946Oct 17, 1946   
781    Unmarked adult slab.    
791Inf son of D. A. & M. F. Bloodworth May 21, 1924 "Asleep in Jesus"    
801Abbie Smith Usery Sep 18, 1876Mar 14, 1936   
802Pearl Jones Jun 13, 1904Oct 4, 1989   
803George M. Jones Oct 3, 1888Nov 29, 1962   
804William Garland Freeman Jan 31, 1930Feb 13, 1992  Korean War
L Cpl U.S. Marine Corps.
805Lois Freeman Aycock Dec 13, 1924Jan 17, 2002We love you mother.    
811Michael Joel Arrington Mar 14, 1945Mar 16, 1945Son of J. A. & E. H. Arrington    
812Albert S. J. Arrington Mar 2, 1879Aug 4, 1935Shares headstone with Bertha Stinson Arrington   
813Bertha Stinson Arrington Oct 3, 1892Feb 11, 1949Shares headstone with Albert S. J. Arrington   
814Frances Arrington Boucher Jul 7, 1911Jul 19, 1959   
821John H. Smith Dec 12, 1932Jun 19, 1982Father    
831Adrian J. Daniel Mar 29, 1913Jul 11, 1994Pa    
832Floried A. Daniel Mar 17, 1914Aug 30, 1984Granny    
833Inf son of Mr/ Mrs. A. J. Daniel, Sr.  Jan 7, 1948   
834Inf son of Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Daniel, Sr.  Feb 27, 1936   
841Louise E. Brewer May 29, 1911Dec 4, 2002   
842John C. Brewer Feb 21, 1901Mar 18, 1968   
843Sterling L. P. Nelson Mar 7, 1939Dec 12, 1997Daddy.
Crane engraved on slab.
Military Service:
U.S. Navy
844Robert Field Nelson Aug 16, 1922Aug 1, 1970  World War II
Georgia Pvt Trp C 3 Cavalry Div.
845Irene E. Nelson Mar 7, 1919Nov 12, 1992   
846L. P. Nelson Jul 16, 1916Jan 11, 1939   
847Clara Carr Ethridge Jan 5, 1920Oct 16, 1939Wife of G. E. Ethridge    
848Grady E. Ethridge Sep 1, 1917Jan 1, 1941   
851    Unmarked graves:
5 graves marked by cement blocks
861Robert Elmer Criswell Sep 9, 1903Jul 4, 1943   
871Mabell Moore Jan 2, 1896Sep 12, 1949In loving memory    
872Respus Moore Jan 16, 1914Jul 27, 1944  World War II
Georgia PFC 121 Inf 8 Div.
873Iverson Leonard Moore Apr 29, 1911Mar 3, 1945In loving memory    
874Louise Moore Aug 1, 1903Sep 21, 1936In loving memory    
875Ernest Albert Moore Aug 29, 1905Sep 4, 1929In loving memory    
876Mattie Thompson Moore Jan 28, 1875Apr 16, 1935Mother. In loving memory    
877Robert E. "Bob" Moore Sep 10, 1874Mar 1, 1956Father. In loving memory    
881Infant Council      
882William Cosby Council Oct 18, 1894Dec 16, 1971   
883Ethel B. Council Aug 29, 1895May 6, 1963   
884Julian F. Council Jan 25, 1918Sep 25, 1982   
885Inf son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Wynne  Jun 14, 1982   
886Inf son & dau of M/M Robert M. Wynne  Sep 4, 1985   
891Willie Belle McCullar Johns Jun 13, 1887Oct 27, 1988   
892C. W. McCullar 18851927   
893Charles E. McCullar   Infant son of C. E. & I. M. McCullar    
901James Maurice Hammock Jan 25, 1932Mar 14, 1996  Korean War
PFC U.S. Army
911Billy Clifton 19351940   
912Mary Pennington Clifton Nov 24, 1913Jun 23, 1939   
913Esther Hughes Pennington Parker Dec 10, 1889May 10, 1926   
914James Kelly Pennington Oct 12, 1886Jan 4, 1914   
915John D. Pennington Aug 31, 1861Mar 7, 1915Masonic emblem. One precious to our hearts has gone, The voice we loved is
stilled. The place made vacant in our home can never more be filled.
916Margaret Carr Pennington Johnson Holland Dec 21, 1865Feb 16, 1947Wife    
917J. R. Pennington Sep 17, 1893Jan 17, 1922One dear to our hearts    
921Cora J. Pennington Dec 25, 1890Dec 7, 1929Mother    
922Oliver B. Pennington Jun 5, 1881Nov 24, 1918Father. Shares headstone with Cora J. Pennington   
923John David Pennington  Jan 14, 1917Age 5 months. Son of O. B. & C. J. Pennington   
931Robert Floy Billue Jun 15, 1920Dec 28, 2000  World War II
Lt U.S. Navy
941Maurine Vinson Jun 27, 1902Nov 12, 1918   
942John Thomas Vinson Jul 21, 1865Aug 22, 1940Shares headstone with Minnie Moore Vinson   
943Minnie Moore Vinson Nov 19, 1870Dec 2, 1963   
951James Carol Vinson Oct 14, 1928Mar 24, 1929Son of Mr. & Mrs. H. C. Vinson. Darling we miss thee.   
952Harvey C. Vinson Jun 27, 1898Feb 12, 1973Father. Shares headstone with Essie Mae R. Vinson   
953Essie Mae R. Vinson Aug 10, 1907Aug 3, 1978Mother. Shares headstone with Harvey C. Vinson   
961Eugene Myrick Combes Mar 16, 1901Aug 23, 1967"Gene". Papa. Shares headstone with Etta Vinson Combes   
962Etta Vinson Combes Dec 18, 1909Oct 18, 1984"Granny". Shares headstone with Eugene Myrick Combes   
971Janie Elizabeth Vinson Bloodworth Aug 24, 1931Jul 19, 2002Loving & caring mother    
981 B / W   No graves    
991Terrell Frank Knowles Nov 3, 1904Mar 14, 1958   
992Grace B. Eubanks Nov 17, 1919 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009    
993Hoke Smith Daniel Aug 21, 1905Feb 9, 1941Smith as middle name on slab. Upright marker has S.   
994Henry W. Eubanks Dec 1, 1914Sep 3, 1990   
1001James Charles Smith Jan 3, 1905Oct 1, 1975Shares headstone with Clara Jones Smith   
1002Clara Jones Smith Dec 1, 1906Jan 31, 1989Shares headstone with James Charles Smith   
1003Charles Elmer Smith Sep 13, 1936Aug 10, 1968Interred Riverside Cemetery, Macon, Ga.    
1004Clara Agnes Smith Dec 23, 1926Sep 3, 1948   
1011Mary Dorothy Pennington Feb 8, 1925Sep 1, 1994   
1012Robert Julian Pennington Sep 29, 1885Nov 14, 1971   
1013Willie Council Pennington Aug 20, 1890Aug 28, 1958   
1014W. E. Pennington Jan 10, 1918Feb 12, 1938   
1015J. Perry Pennington Sep 23, 1909Aug 8, 1910Son of R. J. and W. A. Pennington. A little timme on earht he spent till God for
him his angel sent.
1016Inf of R. J. & W. A. Pennington Jan 18, 1911Jan 18, 1911Only sleeping    
1017    Unmarked adult grave.    
1021A. Morgan Golden Jul 13, 1920May 24, 2002Home. Shares headstone with Thelma S. Golden   
1022Thelma S. Golden Oct 3, 1922 No death date as of Apr. 27, 2009.    
1031Elmer Golden Mar 26, 1924Feb 17, 2005  World War II
Cpl U.S. Marine Corps
1032Edward M. Golden, Jr. Dec 4, 1954Apr 5, 1997Beloved son and brother    
1033J. A. Golden Jun 5, 1884Dec 11, 1919   
1034Iverline Golden Oct 28, 1918Feb 6, 1919   
1035Delma C. Golden Apr 28, 1911May 1, 1912   
1036Mary Golden Welch Nov 11, 1916Oct 22, 1945   
1037Florence G. Golden Apr 10, 1887Oct 22, 1952Shares headstone with Iverson C. Golden   
1038Iverson C. Golden Mar 17, 1886Feb 11, 1960Shares headstone with Florence G. Golden   
1041Charlie N. Parham Jan 24, 1869Dec 13, 1938Shares headstone with Rosia Lee R. Parham    
1042Rosia Lee R. Parham Aug 16, 1879May 6, 1931Shares headstone with Charlie N. Parham   
1051Farise F. Doke Apr 25, 1881Jan 21, 1955   
1052Willie C. Smith Nov 27, 1889Nov 17, 1937   
1053Estelle Smith Parham Dec 23, 1907Jun 24, 1962   
1054Harvey Jordon Smith Apr 15, 1904Jul 5, 1984   
1061Joseph Dow Covey, III Feb 26, 1929Jul 19, 1985Beloved husband and father    
1071Grady W. Brewer Feb 17, 1946Dec 24, 1999"Punk"    
1072Donna Lee C. Brewer Aug 2, 1952Mar 8, 1997   
1073James W. Brewer Jul 21, 1973Sep 22, 1995"Buggie"    
1074Mary K. Brewer Apr 15, 1908May 18, 1982   
1075Grady Brewer Dec 15, 1921Feb 17, 1968   
1076D. J. Brewer Jul 31, 1888May 29, 1941   
1077Charlie W. Brewer Aug 16, 1902Jun 13, 1930   
1078Charlie W. Brewer   Infant grave    
1079Jessie C. Brewer Feb 1930May 1930   
10710Joe C. Brewer Feb 1930Feb 1930   
10711Huby Brewer 1923May 1930   
10712Fred Brewer Dec 17, 1928Mar 9, 1944   
1081Agnes Bartlett Smith Sep 28, 1885Jan 8, 1927Wife of C. L. Smith. A tender mother and a faithful wife.   
1082Essie Martin Smith Jun 9, 1890Sep 4, 1977   
1083Charles Lane Smith Jan 1, 1882Sep 19, 1957   
1084Clara Elizabeth Pennington Smith Nov 6, 1884Nov 2, 1914Wife of C. L. Smith. Her spirit smiles from that bright shore, and softly whispers
"weep no more". Come unto Me.
1085William Cecil Smith Sep 20, 1907Jan 12, 1911Son of C. L. & Clara E. Smith. The link is broken.    
1091Nancy E. Davis Pennington Mar 2, 1861May 28, 1930We will meet again. Shares headstone with James H. Pennington   
1092James H. Pennington May 5, 1857Aug 28, 1937Shares headstone with Nancy E. Davis Pennington   
1101    Unmarked grave.    
1111Louise Johns Oct 27, 1907Oct 27, 1907Dau of H. L. & L. Johns. Gone to be an angel.   
1112Annie Laurence Johns May 31, 1906Dec 4, 1909Dau of Mr. H. L. & Mrs. L. Johns. Darling, we miss thee.   
1113    Unmarked adult grave.    
1114Leila L. Johns Jun 5, 1909Feb 20, 1918Dau of Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Johns. A litte time on earth she spent, but God for her his
angels sent.
1115Lucille B. Johns Oct 4, 1883May 25, 1937   
1116Hiram L. Johns Mar 7, 1882Sep 12, 1962   
1121W. P. Grimes Jul 28, 1902Mar 5, 1958   
1122Adelaide Grimes Clee Nov 18, 1896Jul 3, 1956   
1123Claude F. Grimes Nov 1, 1909Feb 24, 1972  World War II
Georgia PFC U.S. Army
1124Fleming D. Grimes 18851919   
1125A. D. Grimes 18501911   
1126Guy Grimes Dec 10, 1906Jun 10, 1907   
1127Elmer H. Grimes Nov 14, 1888Feb 12, 1905   
1128Sallie F. Manley Grimes Feb 17, 1865Oct 9, 1943Wife of A. D. Grimes    
1129Mary Louise Darden Grimes Sep 3, 1922Oct 31, 1943Wife of C. F. Grimes   
1131Laura Stewart Smith Sep 12, 1901Dec 22, 1995Wife of J. T. Smith    
1132James Terrell Smith Oct 10, 1901Oct 26, 1968   
1133Lizzie Driver Smith Mar 29, 1901Apr 22, 1929Wife of J. T. Smith    
1134Myrtle S. Turner Dec 2, 1928 No death date as of May 5, 2009    
1141Hallie Doke Smith Feb 10, 1870Feb 22, 1955Wife Francis Marion Smith    
1142Francis Marion Smith Oct 24, 1866Sep 21, 1936   
1143William Clinton Parker Feb 20, 1888Jan 17, 1964Shares headstone with Ophelia Smith Parker. Daddy   
1144Ophelia Smith Parker Aug 10, 1897Oct 18, 1980Mother. Shares headstone with William Clinton Parker   
1151Otis H. Smith Sep 23, 1909Apr 9, 1968Daddy. Shares headstone with Fannie McCrary Smith   
1152Fannie McCrary Smith Jan 1, 1909Mar 6, 2007Mother. Shares headstone with Otis H. Smith   
1153Robert G. Smith Apr 28, 1945May 25, 1987
Beloved son and brother. Bobby
Vietnam War
Sgt U.S. Army.
1161Sallie    We can only weep for Sallie but hope to meet in heaven, where we will be at
home sweet home
1162    Unmarked infant slab.    
1163Louie Branan Feb 5, 1906Aug 11, 1909Son Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Branan.    
1164Julian Branan Apr 8, 1908May 8, 1910Son of J. H. & N. J. Branan. Gone home    
1165James Harrison Brannen Oct 4, 1857Oct 26, 1935   
1166Mattie Ray Brannen Nov 22, 1869Sep 7, 1940Wife of J. H. Brannen    
1171Alice S. A. Rickerson Dec 30, 1887Jul 16, 1981Mama    
1172Cleve Arrington Sep 9, 1884Jul 27, 1946   
1173Eunice Arrington Feb 7, 1926Apr 3, 1933   
1174Johnson Arrington Mar 21, 1907Jul 18, 1925   
1175Julia Arrington Jun 26, 1912Apr 11, 1914   
1181Della P. Bloodworth Feb 7, 1879Jul 23, 1966   
1182Miles M. Bloodworth Feb 2, 1877Mar 14, 1925   
1191Inf son of M. M. & I. G. Bloodworth, Jr.  Jul 15, 1907Budded on earth to bloom in heaven    
1192Ima G. Johns Bloodworth May 30, 1879Jun 3, 1908Wife of M. M. Bloodworth, Jr. Thy will be done. Only crossed the river of life
to that beautiful summer land.
1193Inf dau of M. M. & Della Bloodworth  Feb 27, 1912   
1201Mary Lou French Vinson Jan 3, 1895Dec 11, 1975   
1202John Willie Vinson, Sr. May 20, 1892May 25, 1948   
1203Beuna Otelia Grimes Vinson Aug 18, 1893Mar 24, 1916Wife of J. W. Vinson, Sr.    
1204    Unmarked infant slabs:
4 graves
1211Bobby Joe Pickett, MD Jul 30, 1941Jan 17, 2003Mar'd Aug, 1961. Because he lives   
1221Charlie E. Dent, Sr. Oct 23, 1905Jan 19, 1967Husband of Mary W. Dent    
1222Mary Whitaker Dent Oct 14, 1912Mar 29, 1959Wife of Charlie E. Dent    
1223Peggy Jo Dent  Sep 15, 1949Infant daughter    
1231    Infant    
1232Inf of N. H. & C. P. Whitaker      
1233Nathaniel H. Whitaker Mar 16, 1882Oct 3, 1929Shares headstone with Cleo A. Whitaker   
1234Cleo A. Whitaker Jul 30, 1888Dec 12, 1956Shares headstone with Nathaniel H. Whitaker   
1241 Jesse K. Arrington Jul 9, 1845Feb 24, 1915Birth day is July 3 on CSA marker. Life's latest struggle cheerfully he passed,
unwearied still, unflinching to the last.
Confederate States of America
1st Corp Co. K 57 Ga Infantry
1242 Frances J. Arrington Sep 12, 1846Oct 24, 1907Wife of J. K. Arrington. A kind and loving mother, an affectionate wife and a true
1251Levi L. Smith Sep 21, 1886Apr 29, 1935Shares headstone with Lizzie J. Smith. Papa   
1252Lizzie J. Smith Aug 22, 1884Jul 25, 1929Mama. Shares headstone with Levi L. Smith   
1253Lewis H. Smith Apr 19, 1908Apr 19, 1908Son of L. L. & L. G. Smith. Of such is the kingdom of heaven   
1261L. V. P.   Infant sized grave.    
1271 G.   Child's grave with "G" cornermarkers on lot   
1281James Alva Grimes 19331985
Korean War
Cpl U.S. Army
1282Hazel Ennis Grimes Apr 11, 1937Aug 5, 1989Mother. Love light my way to God.    
1283Debra Ann Grimes Jul 1959Dec 1959Daughter. Love light my way to God    
1284Alva Duggans Grimes Jun 5, 1897Dec 21, 1974  Military Service:
Pvt U.S. Army
1285Vonnie Belle Grimes Dec 13, 1907Feb 9, 1995   
1291 John Nunn 17551836  Revolutionary War
Sgt S.C. Militia
1300 R. (cornerstone)   Empty-appearing lot    
1311Jerry Snider Dec 21, 1963Dec 23, 1963   
1320 D. (cornerstone)   Empty-appearing lot    
1331Julia Vastie Arrington Aug 29, 1881Aug 2, 1903Could she too soon escape this world of pain Or could eternal life too soon begin?   
1332Charlie W. Arrington Feb 25, 1867Oct 6, 1902He was a kind and affectionate husband, a fond father and a friend to all   
1333Maggie Lee Arrington Oct 22, 1873Oct 5, 1899Dau of J. K. & F. J. Arrington. Dying is but going home.   
1334Sallie Frances Arrington Oct 25, 1870Jul 16, 1890Dau of J. K. & F. J. Arrington. To forget is vain endeavor. Love's remembrance
lasts forever.
1341Joseph Meddows Jul 4, 1804Mar 28, 1900   
1342Nancy C. Meddows Nov 28, 1814Mar 22, 1905   
1351Larkin C. Pilgrim May 20, 1820Mar 30, 1888  Confederate States of America
Co K 57 Va. Inf.
1361Lizzie Vaden Patterson May 3, 1898Jun 10, 1900   
1362Shady Patterson Aug 22, 1900Aug 26, 1900   
1363Dawsie Rebecca Patterson Apr 8, 1908Jan 13, 1920   
1364Annie Meadows Patterson Feb 17, 1874Sep 23, 1941   
1365Mattie P. Patterson Fooshe Jul 3, 1899Nov 16, 1996Dau of John & Annie Patterson, wife of Fuller W. Fooshe. R.N., A.N.C., Eastern Star   
1371Henry K. Reeves Mar 23, 1882Apr 18, 1957   
1372Robert Lee Reeves Oct 23, 1910Mar 24, 1993   
1381Teresa Jones Dec 10, 1966Dec 11, 1966   
1391James Albert Lindsey Sep 17, 1945Aug 1, 2000Papa    
1401William E. Jones Oct 15, 1924Sep 9, 1969"Ras", Daddy   World War II
Georgia TEC5 674 QM Salv Coll Co.
1411Annielu Dunn Johns May 12, 1904Mar 27, 1991Shares headstone with Verner C. Johns   
1412Verner C. Johns Aug 10, 1906Jul 6, 1963Shares headstone with Annielu Dunn Johns.   
1421Clifford J. Johns Dec 3, 1875Jun 11, 1961Mother. Shares headstone with Charlie Clement Johns   
1422Charlie Clement Johns Feb 12, 1865May 3, 1939Father. Shares headstone with Clifford J. Johns   
1423Erby C. Johns Mar 11, 1896Feb 24, 1914Through the Lord's unbounded love We'll meet again in realms above.   
1424Dessie May Johns Nov 9, 1899Nov 10, 1899Dau of C. C. & C. H. Johns. A little bud of love to bloom with God above.   
1425Essie Pearl Johns Oct 1, 1898Oct 2, 1898Dau of C. C. & C. H. Johns. A little time on earth she spent Till God for her his angels
1431Mary Johns Dec 13, 1868Aug 10, 1892Wife of Clements C. Johns. Weep not father and mother for me, For I'm waiting
in glory for thee.
1441Clarence Carr Nov 10, 1898Jul 5, 1901Death year on slab says 1910. Son of I. F. & Annie Carr. Only sleeping   
1442Annie Carr Oct 3, 1876Jun 17, 1899   
1443Leone Carr Feb 4, 1897Jul 8, 1910Death year on upright marker is 1901. Gone so soon. Dau of I. F. & Annie Carr   
1444Clifton W. Johns Mar 6, 1873Nov 9, 1892Son of I. L. & S. A. Johns    
1445Clarence H. Johns Jul 5, 1870Mar 7, 1888Son of I. L. & S. A. Johns    
1446Lelia T. Johns Mar 15, 1868Jun 4, 1886Dau of I. L. & S. A. Johns    
1447 Shadie Meadows Johns Sep 14, 1846May 19, 1914Wife of I. L. Johns. God's finger touched her and she slept.   
1448 Isaac L. Johns Oct 1, 1843Sep 7, 1921His toils are past, his work is done, he fought the fight, the victory won   
1449May Bell Simpson Johns Apr 1, 1880Mar 1, 1923Wife of I. L. Johns. Having finished life's duties, she now sweetly rests.   
1451George T. Thompson Nov 22, 1894Sep 25, 1969  World War I
Georgia Pvt U.S. Army
1452Susie Frances Thompson Aug 12, 1911Feb 22, 1999   
1453Velonia Thompson Jan 29, 1935Feb 2, 1935   
1454Gerald Warren Thompson Jul 19, 1966Aug 3, 1966   
1455    Unmarked adult grave.    
1456George Thompson, Jr. Nov 18, 1931Aug 12, 1997  Korean War
Cpl U.S. Army
1457Charles E. Thompson, Sr. Jul 28, 1933Jul 21, 2008Victory in Jesus    
1458Thomas Douglas Thompson May 22, 1983Jun 22, 1983"Doug". Son of Chuck & Cheryl Thompson. Our gift from God.   
1461 John Eady, Sr.  1845Born Ireland, Died Wilkinson Co. Early settler of Wilkinson Co. and builder of
Eady's Mill. This memorial placed by the Frank Eady, Sr. Family
Revolutionary War
1462William Ira Eady Feb 17, 1892Sep 3, 1960  World War I
Georgia Pvt Co M 161 Infantry
1463Hardwick Eady May 21, 1905Sep 25, 1908Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Eady.    
1464Inf children of J. A. & S. F. Eady 188719028 children graves. How many hopes lie buried here.   
1465Sarah Frances Eady Dec 7, 1865Sep 29, 1916Mother. Here is one who is sleeping in faith and love, With hope that is
treasured in heaven above.
1466 J. A. Eady Dec 12, 1851Oct 23, 1913A light from our household is gone, A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant
in our hearts that never can be filled.
1467 E. T. Eady Oct 9, 1855Jun 4, 1886On separate marker, dates are Oct 22, Jan 4. Shares headstone with J. A. Eady.   
1471Morgan Miles Eady Nov 12, 1881Jul 16, 1931Shares headstone with Eula Temples Eady   
1472Eula Temples Eady Oct 7, 1885Oct 31, 1977Shares headstone with Morgan Miles Eady   
1481Morgan Miles Eady, Jr. Mar 21, 1917May 30, 1983Shares headstone with Essie Daniels Eady   
1482Essie Daniels Eady May 9, 1918Oct 4, 2008Death date from obit. Shares headstone with Morgan Miles Eady, Jr.   
1491Frank Rawlings Eady, Sr. May 4, 1919Jul 20, 1989Shares headstone with Mona McCook Eady  World War II
Sgt U.S. Army Air Corps.
1492Mona McCook Eady Apr 3, 1919 No death date as of May 5, 2009. Shares headstone with Frank R. Eady   
1501Jim Lennis Eady May 8, 1912Jan 3, 1994Shares headstone with Maggie Flynn Eady   
1502Maggie Flynn Eady May 25, 1925Jul 23, 1993Shares headstone with Jim Lennis Eady   
1511Lou Council Eady   No dates. Wife of John A. Eady    
1512John A. Eady May 12, 1878Jan 18, 1959   
1513Sarah H. Eady Jun 4, 1894Sep 29, 1966   
1514Inf son of John & Lou Eady   No dates    
1521Edison Wilbur Jackson Dec 20, 1919Oct 23, 1978Daddy. "To know him was to love him". Shares headstone with Mary Eady Jackson.  World War II
Pvt. U.S. Army
1522Mary Eady Jackson Aug 5, 1926 No death date as of May 5, 2009. Mama. Shares headstone with Edison W. Jackson.   
1531Davis Otto Johns Feb 18, 1930Jun 4, 1978   
1532Joseph Samuel Johns Oct 17, 1877May 25, 1962Papa. Shares headstone with Lula Patterson Johns.   
1533Lula Patterson Johns Nov 23, 1888Jul 2, 1950Mama. Shares headstone with Joseph Samuel Johns   
1534May Bell Johns Oct 2, 1909May 19, 1933Mother    
1535Addie Viola Johns Sep 21, 1908Dec 10, 1908   
1536James Cecil Johns Jun 17, 1920Jan 7, 1960  World War II
Pvt. U.S. Army. Purple Heart.
1541    Unmarked adult grave.    
1542Ophlia Johns   No dates. Adult slab.    
1551William A. Patterson Feb 7, 1895Jul 27, 1899Son of A. Y. & Susan J. Patterson. A little time on earth he spent till God for
him his angels sent. Son
1552 Susan V. Johns Patterson Aug 6, 1857Apr 3, 1918Wife of A. Y. Patterson. Every joy to us is dead, Since mother is not here. Mother   
1561J. H. Angles May 22, 1881Nov 12, 1923Our father and brother.    
1562A. T. Johns   No dates. Adult slab.    
1563 John Garland Johns Mar 2, 1870Jan 15, 1903Son of W. L. & P. S. Johns. He was too good, too gentle and fair, To dwell in this cold
world of care.
1564Lofton O. Johns Nov 7, 1878Jul 22, 1896Son of W. L. & P. S. Johns. We can safely boy, our darling in Thy trust   
1565Lovie H. Johns Jun 22, 1875Jun 30, 1896Dau of W. L. & P. S. Johns. Go and dwell with Him above, Happy in the Saviour's love   
1566Henrietta Flutiler Johns Aug 8, 1880Jan 21, 1893Dau of W. L. & P. S. Johns. Beautiful, lovely, She was but given, A fair bud to
earth, To blossom in heaven.
1567Willie L. Johns Aug 25, 1887Jul 28, 1889Son of Z. J. & G. Johns. Budded on earth to bloom in heaven   
1568    Unmarked grave:
A rock may mark a grave
1569 James Z. Johns Feb 6, 1860Nov 2, 1888   
15610 Phoebe S. Johns Dec 7, 1840Mar 7, 1910Wife of W. L. Johns.    
15611W. L. Johns Feb 6, 1835May 15, 1915Masonic emblem. He has gone to the mansions of rest.   
15612Joseph William Johns May 14, 1914Nov 26, 1962  World War II
Georgia S2 U.S.N.R.
15613Mamie Johns Duncan Hall Oct 12, 1922Jul 21, 1971   
1571Harry F. Ennis Aug 14, 1922Oct 6, 1973  World War II
Georgia PFC U.S. Army
1581 Shutts   No burials. Mason and Eastern star.    
1591J. E. Wood Jul 10, 1896May 21, 1976Shares headstone with Bernice J. Wood   
1592Bernice J. Wood Apr 10, 1896Sep 26, 1969Shares headstone with J. E. Wood    
1601Arthur W. Jones Dec 6, 1892Feb 8, 1937Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him.  Military Service:
Georgia Pvt U.S. Army
1602Mary R. Lee Aug 9, 1898Dec 8, 1993Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon her.   
1603James O. Lee Oct 22, 1891Aug 31, 1975Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him.  World War I
PFC U.S. Army
1611Lonie S. Patterson Nov 4, 1904Nov 21, 1904Dau of A. F. & R. J. Patterson. Oh! baby hands so quiet. Oh! baby face so pale,
Bright blue eyes closed forevermore, now resting in thy Saviour's love.
1612    Unmarked graves:
2 graves
1613    Unmarked adult slab.    
1621Harriett Farmer Golden Dec 29, 1883Sep 1, 1919Widow of Iverson Golden. Shares slab with Baby Boy Golden Sept 1, 1919.   
1622Iverson Golden Dec 16, 1861Jan 5, 1946   
1623Avelona V. Golden May 13, 1863Sep 3, 1905Wife of Iverson Golden    
1624    Unmarked adult grave.    
1625Sarah Golden  Dec 24, 1884Age 67 years    
1626V. Q. Golden Nov 28, 1828Jun 7, 1919Asleep in Jesus   Confederate States of America
Co K 57 Ga Inf
1627Margeret M. Golden Apr 15, 1830Feb 10, 1916Wife of V. Q. Golden.    
1631Risden R. Collins  Sep 3, 1895Age 76 yrs. Beloved one farewell. First name spelled Risdon on CSA marker  Confederate States of America
Co K 57 Ga Inf.
1632 J. Bart Collins Apr 12, 1880Jun 24, 1900Shares headstone with numbers 3 and 4. Son of Adolphus & M. Collins.   
1633Adolphus Collins Feb 13, 1852Jul 4, 1906A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant
in our home which never can be filled. Stone made by R. H. Potter, Atlanta.
1634Amelia (Melia) Collins Nov 25, 1856Feb 15, 1905Wife of Adolphus Collins. Here lies one in this life, was a kind mother a true wife,
faithful to her trust, even unto death.
1635Jane Collins Doke  Aug 15, 1914Age 68 yrs. Wife of W. C. Doke. Having finished life's duty, She now sweetly rests.   
1641Perry Lee Johns Jun 18, 1945Nov 3, 1973  Vietnam War
Georgia Sgt U.S. Marine Corps.
1651Robert Perry Council Feb 5, 1968Mar 16, 1968   
1652Paul Leo Council Feb 22, 1940Apr 14, 1992   
1653Robert Leo Council May 21, 1912Feb 24, 1979Daddy    
1661E. David Parham Mar 14, 1967May 27, 1997   
1662Bobbie Jean Hines Parham Dec 20, 1936Nov 20, 1988   
1663Earnest D. Parham Oct 14, 1934Aug 9, 1992   
1671 Janie Hoover Oct 20, 1890Jan 4, 1929She was a kind and affectionate wife, A fond mother and a friend to all.   
1681Lewis F. Francis May 15, 1852Jun 6, 1927Shares headstone with Lethia P. Francis    
1682Lethia P. Francis Aug 28, 1855Feb 5, 1925Shares headstone with Lewis F. Francis    
1691George Reynolds Jul 26, 1896Dec 26, 1896Son of R. T. & G. M. Reynolds. Darling we miss thee.   
1692 Charles S. Reynolds Jun 25, 1894Nov 16, 1918Gone ye blessed. He bravely laid down his life for the cause of his country.
His name will ever remain fresh in the hearts of his friends and comrades.
World War I
Private Co. D 330 Infantry
1693Georgia M. Hoover Reynolds May 20, 1870Mar 22, 1938Wife of Robt T. Reynolds    
1694Robert T. Reynolds Nov 7, 1870Jan 13, 1937Husband of Georgia M. Hoover Reynolds    
1701    Unmarked adult graves:
2 graves
1702 Henry Hoover Jul 25, 1825Apr 3, 1886Husband of Mary B. Hoover. Mason.    
1703    Unmarked graves:
6 graves marked by cement head and footstones
1711Carrie L. Council Oct 20, 1867May 3, 1906Dau of Wm. & F. J. Council. She was a kind and affectionate child and a friend to all.
She hath done what she could.
1712William Council Jun 6, 1838Jan 23, 1912His toils are past, His work is done, He fought the fight, The viictory won.  Confederate States of America
Co D 63 Ga Inf.
1713Fanny Council Jun 16, 1845Apr 4, 1915A tender mother and a faithful friend.    
1714Joel Richard Council Jan 12, 1889May 27, 1944   
1715Charlie Council Jun 19, 1879Oct 14, 1945   
1716William T. Council Jan 20, 1870May 15, 1947   
1717James Council Mar 2, 1876Mar 14, 1949   
1718John R. Council Jul 14, 1871Apr 21, 1953   
1719Mary Council Apr 8, 1874Mar 6, 1956   
17110George Emmett Council Feb 19, 1881Jul 13, 1959   
17111Fannie Eady Sep 30, 1912Mar 1, 1963   
1721    Unmarked adult slab.    
1722Nanie Reynolds Johns  Nov 19, 18Wife of W. A. Johns. Last digit of death year is 8. 2nd to last digit of year is unre   
1723Ike Johns Aug 25, 1865Feb 4, 1919Last digit of death year could be 8.    
1724Nancy Elizabeth Johns Nov 22, 1881Aug 15, 1957Asleep in Jesus    
1725Willie Johns 1914Apr 1917Cement child slab barely readable. Birth day is 6 but birth month is unreadable.   
1726Edie G. Johns Nov 3, 1908Oct 15, 1916   
1731Eddie Eugene Thompson Sep 26, 1898Jul 28, 1975   
1732Mary E. Thompson Aug 23, 1865Mar 14, 1925   
1733Iverson Thompson Apr 15, 1868May 25, 1925   
1734Henry Thompson Jul 15, 1901Aug 12, 1904   
1741Ella Holland Dec 6, 1862Mar 11, 1880   
1742Thelma Patterson Apr 11, 1900Apr 14, 1900Tis a little grave but oh have care, for worldwide hopes are buried there.   
1743Inf son of R. B. & H. E. Patterson   Short pain, short grief, dear babe were thine, Now joys eternal and divine.   
1744Lillie May Patterson May 9, 1891Jun 25, 1898We knew no sorrow, Knew not grief till thy bright face was missed.   
1751    Unmarked adult graves:
3 graves marked by cement head and footstones
1752William D. Allen Oct 29, 1919Jan 9, 1919Dates are either backwards or dates are wrong.   
1753Jimmie Allen   Son of W. K. Allen    
1761L. F. Bloodworth Sep 17, 1853Dec 18, 1913   
1762Susan Bloodworth Nov 22, 1823Feb 22, 1908Wife of M. M. Bloodworth. "Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit."   
1763Pamelia Ann Branan Mar 28, 1850Oct 17, 1935   
1764    Unmarked adult grave.    
1765Mollie Bloodworth Eady Feb 28, 1880Dec 11, 1968   
1766James H. Bloodworth Dec 26, 1841Oct 29, 1924Mar'd Dec 24, 1868. Father.   Confederate States of America
Member of Company F., Third Georgia
Regiment, Wrights Brigade.
1767Mary M. Bloodworth Jan 20, 1843May 1, 1911Mar'd to J. H. Bloodworth Dec 24 1868. Mother.   
1768Susan E. Bloodworth Oct 31, 1869Aug 11, 1877Dau of J. H. & Mary Bloodworth    
1769George Bloodworth May 26, 1882Oct 5, 1939   
17610    Unmarked child graves:
4 graves marked by cement block head and footstones.
1771Mattie Will Roberts Jones Aug 11, 1898Jan 8, 1983Wife of Joseph Elwood Jones.    
1772Joseph Elwood Jones Jan 20, 1894Jul 10, 1964   
1773W. Erasmus Jones Jul 24, 1871Feb 24, 1928Shares headstone with Hopie Thompson Jones   
1774Hopie Thompson Jones Dec 28, 1871Nov 22, 1949Wife of W. E. Jones    
1775Inf dau of W. E. & Hopie Jones Jan 7, 1893Jan 7, 1893   
1776    Unmarked child grave.    
1781Lucile Jones Hancock Feb 2, 1906Oct 13, 1978Wife of E. Franklin Hancock    
1782E. Franklin Hancock May 15, 1903Jan 25, 1969Shares headstone with Lucile Jones    
1791W. A. Pennington Jul 25, 1875Mar 23, 1902   
1792A. Pennington  Sep 29, 1898Age 72 yrs 9 mos 8 ds. Masonic. He was a kind and affectionate husband, a fond
father and a friend to all.
1793Catharine A. Pennington Feb 8, 1834Jan 31, 1877Wife of A. Pennington. Here is one who is sleeping in faith and love, With hope that
is treasured in heaven above.
1794Lula Pennington  Jun 7, 1890Dau of A. & L. E. Pennington. Only sleeping.   
1795Perry Pennington Jul 25, 1881Dec 27, 1902He was too good too gentle and fair, To dwell in this cold world of care.   
1796Mrs. L. E. Pennington Jan 26, 1858May 22, 1915Come unto me. Rest, mother, rest in quiet sleep, While friends in sorrow oer
thee weep.
1797Minor Lee Pennington Oct 17, 1898Feb 16, 1965  World War I
Georgia TEC5 4 Service Command
1801    Unmarked adult graves:
2 graves marked by cement head and footstones
1802Rebecca Wheeler Bloodworth 18101850Wife of M. M. Bloodworth    
1803Miles M. Bloodworth Jun 28, 1810Oct 15, 1880Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.   
1804Morgan M. Bloodworth Sep 20, 1837Apr 1, 1911Thy trials ended, thy rest is won.   Confederate States of America
Sgt. Co F 3 Ga Inf.
1806Frances R. Bloodworth Jul 8, 1847Jul 5, 1887Wife of M. M. Bloodworth. Shares headstone with infant son of M. M. and F. R. Bloodworth.
On opposite side of gravestone with Minerva A. and Pearl M. Bloodworth.
1807Inf son of M. M. & F. R. Bloodworth   Shares headstone with Frances R. Bloodworth   
1808Minerva A. Bloodworth Mar 3, 1858Jan 19, 1890Wife of M. M. Bloodworth. Shares headstone with Pearl M. Bloodworth
and is on opposite side of gravestone with Frances R. Bloodworth
1809Pearl M. Bloodworth Jan 19, 1890Apr 27, 1890Shares headstone with Minerva A. Bloodworth   
18010    Unmarked graves:
8 graves
18011Margaret Johns Bloodworth Dec 11, 1861Aug 20, 1907On earth the cross, In Heaven the crown. Wife of M. M. Bloodworth Sr.   
18012    Unmarked child grave.    
18013Coleman Bloodworth 18851923   
1811Sidney E. Adams Sep 27, 1866Jan 12, 1891Dearest daughter thou hast left us, Here, thy loss we deeply feel, But tis God that
hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.
1812Adline C. Adams Mar 12, 1834Aug 22, 1874Rest, Mother, rest in quiet sleep, While friends in sorrow o'er thee weep.   
1813Robert F. Adams Jan 24, 1830May 28, 1904Inscription buried in fire ant mound -- marker has fallen over.   
1821Joe Brown McCook 18561938Shares headstone with Lou Bloodworth McCook   
1822Lou Bloodworth McCook 18821907Shares headstone with Joe Brown McCook    
1823Linton McCook Nov 6, 1902Nov 20, 1979   
1824Cora Price McCook Jul 7, 1895Apr 11, 1968   
1831Curtis Bloodworth 19041974   
1832Lillie Bloodworth Carter Aug 24, 1899Mar 21, 1931Wife of Andrew I. Carter    
1841Sebrina B. Smith Mar 3, 1849Jan 3, 1925Wife of W. F. Smith    
1842    Unmarked adult graves:
4 graves marked by cement head and footstones.
1851    Unmarked graves:
6 graves
9991Marie Johns Hatfield Sep 2, 1942Jun 11, 2005Unmarked grave:
All info per obituary. Grave not found in 2009 survey.
9992Mildred Allen Golden Jun 24, 1928Feb 16, 2006Unmarked grave:
All info per obituary. Grave not found in 2009 survey.
9993Robert Wesley Patterson Sep 22, 1962Jul 27, 2007Unmarked grave: Age 44.
All info per obituary. Grave not found in 2009 survey.
9994Ruth Embry Davis Nov 4, 1922Sep 2, 2007Age 84, per obituary.    
9995Woody Davis May 24, 1918Feb 8, 2009Unmarked grave:
All info per obituary. Grave not found in 2009 survey.
9996 James Hoover  Nov 3, 1934Unmarked adult grave: Age 47.
No marked grave. All info per obituary.
9997 Eady Etheridge  Oct 25, 1934Unmarked child grave: Age 10. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Etheridge of McIntyre. Had three sisters: Mrs. J. C. Brewer, Mrs. Robert Criswell, Miss Irene Etheridge; two brothers: J. L. Etheridge and Grady Etheridge.
No marked grave. All info per obituary from The Wilkinson County News on November 2, 1934.

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