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Elizabeth Grieve Ferguson

Sep 1, 1896 - May 15, 1960

Cemetery: Memory Hill
East Side, Section D, Lot 36, Grave 6
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Inscription and Notes:

d/o of David & Frances W. Ferguson

Elizabeth Grieve Ferguson

From the DAR scrapbook, 1944-1945:
Elizabeth Grieve Ferguson was born Sept. 1, 1896. Her father was David Ferguson, city editor of New York World and later supervisor of City Record. Her mother was Frances Williams of Milledgeville, one of the first women reporters on a New York newspaper. She met Mr. Ferguson while engaged in this work.

Elizabeth was brought up in New York and Milledgeville. Her father bought the old family home in Milledgeville after the death of Mrs Sue Williams Jones, aunt of Mrs. Ferguson. Betty was educated in the public schools of New York and at Georgia Normal and Industrial College (G.N.I.C.) in Milledgeville. She went ot Randolph-Macon College in Virgnia where she graduated in 1919 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She taught for some years in the public schools of Washington. In that same city she received her Master of Arts degree from George Washington University. She traveled extensively on the European continent and in the British Isles.

Shortly after her father's death she made her home with her mother in Milledgeville. She studied Library Science at the University of North Carolina and received her degree in Library Science from the University. She was then reference librarian at the Georgia State College for Women.

Her home is one of the most beautiful in Milledgeville. Its boxwood borders are among the oldest in the state and the wisteria which clothes the old trees is a beatufl sight in the spring. The simple, dignified, old house is filled with the rarest antiques, and the atmosphere of the beautiful and gracious rooms gives the proper background for those living in them, whose cordiality, warm sincerity and high standards of thinking and living are a credit to southern culture.

Note: This sketch was written by Miss Katharine Scott while Elizabeth Grieve Ferguson was regent of the Nancy Hart Chapter, DAR.

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