Memory Hill Cemetery

300 Franklin St, Milledgeville, GA

Jordan Lot in Memory Hill

Web Site Contents
Welcome to the web site of Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville, Georgia. This web site allows easy-to-use searches based on the person's name and shows who else is buried in the same lot. Also importantly, the web site includes cemetery maps, as well as grave latitudes and longitudes, so that a grave's location can be found. There are also maps of unmarked burials based on ground penetrating radar. These maps can and should be used to protect unmarked burials when new graves are dug. They may also be useful if trying to find relatives who did not receive a grave marker or whose grave marker has disappeared.

About the Cemetery
The cemetery is on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the historic district of Milledgeville. Because Milledgeville was the capital of Georgia from 1807 to 1868, this cemetery contains many diverse people, both local and non-local. Legislators and statesmen from across the state of Georgia are buried here. In addition, other notable people interred in the cemetery are Flannery O'Connor (the famous author), Carl Vinson (the statesman), Edwin F. Jemison (the young Confederate soldier whose photograph is among the best-known images associated with the War Between the States), Charles Holmes Herty (a noted scientist and the University of Georgia's first football coach), Annie Abbott "the Little Georgia Magnet" (a spiritualist/magician whose real name is Dixie Haygood), and Bill Miner (one of the last western outlaws). Also of historical significance are the large number of slave graves and graves of patients who were once at Milledgeville's “Lunatic Asylum,” at one time the largest such asylum in the world. Unfortunately, many of these, as well as many others, do not have grave markers or any means of identification.

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