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T. George Raven


Cemetery: Memory Hill
East Side, Section E, Lot 3, Grave 1
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Inscription and Notes:

Military Service: Confederate States of America
Washington Art SC

Captain T. G. Raven

Chronicle & Sentinel
Milledgeville, Dec. 11, 1863

Captain T. G. Raven died at the Milledgeville Hotel, of pneumonia, on Wednesday. He was an Englishman by birth, a man of military education, and he rendered the State valuable service as an Engineer. He married an accomplished Charleston lady, who was with him at the time of his death, and whose inconsolable grief has elicited the liveliest sympathy. The General Assembly adopted the following to the memory of this gallant young officer:

Information has been received that Captain T.G. Raven departed this life on the 10th instant, whilst on a visit at Milledgeville, connected with his duties. The facts, full authenticated, connected with the brief and honorable career of the deceased, merit from the State an earnest tribute to his memory.

Capt. Raven was born in England, and was a graduate of the Military College at Addescows. Emigrating to America, he was married to a lady in Charleston, where he embarked and was engaged in commercial pursuits at the beginning of the war. Without a formal transfer of allegiance, he generously espoused the cause of the South, and has with unremitting industry and devotion given to her the benefit of his labors and scientific training. He did creditable service in South Carolina, but learning the great need of Engineers in Georgia, tendered his services to the authorities of this State as one of the Volunteer Staff of the Adjuant General.

In the capacity of Engineer, he has by his skill, energy and fidelity, secured honorable mention in the last report of that officer. He has been suddenly stricken down by disease contracted in the service of the State, in the very flush of his early manhood. It is for his family and friends to cherish the remembrance of his private virtues, whilst the State reverently pause to make record of his disinterested zeal and active labors in her behalf in view of the foregoing.

Resolved, by the General Assembly of Georgia, That we have learned with unfeigned regret, of the death of Capt. T. G. Raven, and gratefully recognize his active and intelligent labors so unselfishly bestowed for the defence of the State,

Resolved, That, we tender our sincere condolence to the friends and family of the deceased; and request that a copy of the foregoing preamble and resolutions accompanying be sent by the Governor to his bereaved widow.

Resolved, That in further evidence of our respect for the memory of the deceased, the General Assembly will adjourn this day at 12 o'clock, to attend his funeral from the Episcopal Church.

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