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Mrs Annie G. Fears Compton

Dec 19, 1849 - Feb 26, 1873

Cemetery: Memory Hill
East Side, Section J, Lot 38, Grave 1
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Inscription and Notes:

A Compton lady who died in the asylum, per A/D. Full name, dates from obituary and
Burials in the City Cemetery 1869-1904. Grave found with radar and marked in 2012.

Annie G. Compton

The Cartersville News

Cartersville, Georgia

March 6, 1873, Page 3

Transcribed by: Laurel Baty on

Mrs. Annie G. Compton, wife of our esteemed friend and fellow-citizen, Thos. M. Compton, and daughter of Rev. A. B. Fears, of Fairburn, Ga., died in Milledgeville, at 10 o’clock on the morning of the 26th ultimo. See obituary:


MRS. ANNIE G. COMPTON was born on the 19th of December, 1849, and was, hence, twenty-three years of age when, on the 26th day of February, 1873, in Baldwin county, Ga., she yielded up her spirit to God who gave it. She was the daughter of Rev. A. B. Fears, of Campbell county, Ga., who with his excellent wife bestowed on her education, and especially on her religious training, the utmost care. The favorite of a large family of children, she was doted on and petted, not only by her parents, but by all her relatives; yet was her natural disposition so sweet, so amiable, so unselfish that her most intimate acquaintances never detected in her demeanor the slightest evidence of self-importance. Indeed, the partiality shown her by all who knew her received no other notice than the most grateful and affectionate acknowledgement. Under the religious training of her pious parents, she became impressed, at an early age, with the necessity of religion; and united herself with the Baptist Church at the age of sixteen. In this communion she lived a quiet, consistent Christian life until her death. She was married to Mr. Thomas M. Compton, of Cartersville, on the 10th of November, 1870, and was brought by him to his home in this place, a loving, happy bride, her gaze enraptured by as fair a prospect of long life and happiness as a young wife in the warmth of her affection, and fullness of her confidence, and eagerness of her hope ever looked upon. Alas! How soon to fade—this happy vision! But why this exclamation of grief? This sorrowful “alas?” when we know that this beautiful vision has only melted away into a more beautiful and happy reality.

Those who knew Mrs. Compton well, will appreciate the truth we utter in saying that in all the relations of life—as daughter—sister—wife—mother—friend—she was a model. Obedient where submission was a duty, devoted in all the relations that demand affection—amiable, true and trusting, her example was a treasure, her society a blessing, her death a calamity.

Heaven comfort the husband bereaved of so worthy a wife, and keep the babe so cruelly robbed of a doting mother.

Thou art gone faithful wife, sweet sister, fond daughter, kind friend. We mourn as human nature must, yet we submit us to the Father’s will; for
“Thy departure was not immature
For, ripe in virtue thou wert ‘reft away.
And pure in spirit as the bless’d are pure;
Pure as the dew-drop, freed from earthly leaven,
That sparkles, is exhaled, and blends with heaven!”
A. M. S.

Mrs. A. G. Compton -- From Central State Hospital - Archives log book in the Atlanta Archives:

Feb. 17, 1873: Lunatic of and from Bartow Co, Geo, age about 23 years - married -- has one child between two and three months old. . .

Disorder of the mind was never suspected until two or three weeks back . . . In this case she was very suddenly attacked at night. The immediate existing cause believed an alarm of fire supposed at the time to exist in the house in which she was living. She has been under regular medical treatment ever since the manifestations of derangement were noticed; but with no satisfactory result. . .

Her general health is not good, has had fever for some days. Eats and sleeps irregularly.

Address: Thomas M. Compton, Cartersville.

Died 26th Feby 1873.

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