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Charles Holmes Herty

Dec 4, 1867 - Jul 27, 1938

Cemetery: Memory Hill
West Side, Section D, Lot 30, Grave 2
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Inscription and Notes:

Univ of Georgia's first football coach.
Noted chemist who developed process of converting pine pulp into paper

Charles Holmes Herty

Son of Bernard Rickey Herty, Charles Holmes Herty was an orphan at age 11. He went on to attain his doctorate from Johns Hopkins University in 1890 and became a noted researcher and chemist. He invented what was called the Naval Cup, a device that allowed young pines to mature and reseed while allowing extraction of turpentine or other production products from pine trees. In the 1930's, after the decline of cotton and at a time when most thought that Southern pines had little value, he proved that high-quality newsprint and other paper products could be made from Southern pine, thereby greatly aiding the economy of the South. It is usually for this achievement that most Georgians hold him in highest esteem.

In 1943, the Liberty Ship S. S. Charles H. Herty was named in his honor. Also indicative of his interesting background are other honors conferred upon him: the naming of Herty field at University of Georgia; Herty Hall, the science building, at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville; the Herty Foundation, which is a pulp and paper laboratory in Savannah; and his induction into the The Paper Industry International Hall of Fame, Inc.

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