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Jett Thomas

May 13, 1776 - Jan 6, 1817

Cemetery: Memory Hill
West Side, Section E, Lot 21, Grave 9
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Inscription and Notes:

original builder of the Georgia Statehouse in 1807 in Milledgeville
Government Service.
Military Service: War of 1812
War of 1812. General

Jett Thomas

Georgia Journal, January 14, 1817


When a good man dies, to record his meritorious deeds is both a solace to his friends and an encouragement to living worth. The subject of this obituary notice, Gen. Jett Thomas, by whose lamented death society has been deprived of a most useful member, was born the 13th May, 1776 -- being, when he died, in the 41st year of his age. Till the commencement of the late contest with Great Britain, his life was marked by no incident of much public interest; but since that period, it has been unusually eventful. In the expedition against the Creek Indians under Gen. Floyd, he commanded a volunteer company of artillery, and at the sanguinary battles of Autosse and Caulebe (usually spelled "Calabee" - ed.), particularly distinguished himself. Before the campaign was closed, the appointment of Major, in a select corps to be raised for the defence of the state, was tendered xxx(unreadable) by the Executive of Georgia. Being soon after chosen Colonel of the 2d. class of militia, which was about to march, he once more repaired to the scene of danger. While performing this tour of duty, no opportunity offered for him to display his wonted courage; and on the return of peace he retired from the "tented field" to the walks of private life, universally respected and beloved by his companions in arms. His pecuniary affairs being considerably embarrassed by an incessant devotion to the public service, it became necessary that he should visit his possessions in the state of Louisiana, where he was seized with the malady which proved fatal to him. He reached his home and his friends in November last, after an absence of nearly two years, and was immediately elected by the Legislature of Georgia, Major General of the 3d division of Militia; But it was evident he was fast sinking under a disease with which he had been long afflicted, and on the 6th instant he expired, sincerely regreted by all who knew him. His remains were intered (sic) with military honors the following day. Order of procession (a drawing follows - ed.): Clergy and Physicians, Pall Bearers, Chief Mourners, Military, Citizens.



Sherwood, Adiel, A
, Printed by P. Force, Washington City, p.

General Jett Thomas was born in Culpepper, Virginia, in
May 1777. He was captain of an artillery company in
Floyd's army, was in the battles of Autossee and
Caulibble, in the latter of which he distinguished
himself. The Indians attacked the American camp before
day, on the 27th January, 1814, but they were made to fly
into the swamp. General Newnan received three wounds in
this battle. Autossee is an Indian town on the
Tallapoosa, in Alabama, say 20 miles above its junction
with the Coosa and the Carilabbee swamp, a few miles
above. General Thomas resided in Oglothorpe, and was
elected General of the militia, in 1815, and died the
January after, in Milledgeville, of a cancer.

Also note: Thomas County was created in 1825 from portions of Decatur and Irwin counties. Georgia's 63rd county, and its county seat, Thomasville, were named for General Jett Thomas. In addition to his military career, General Thomas built the first university building in Athens. (Webmaster)

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