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Andrew DuBourg


Cemetery: Memory Hill
West Side, Section E, Lot 62, Grave 9
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Inscription and Notes:

marker on outside of wall
Military Service: American Revolution
Georgia Troops, Capt.

DuBourg, Andrew (also spelled DeBourg)

Revolutionary War soldier Andrew (Andre) DuBourg (also spelled DeBourg) was possibly from Borneaus, France. We say this because a possible son or relative, a younger Andrew Debourg who is buried nearby, was born in Borneaus, France. The younger Andrew is listed in his obituary as having died in 1836, at the age of 52 (thus giving a birth year of ca. 1784 -- after the Revolution). The younger Andrew's obituary states he has been a citizen of the United States during the last thirty years of his life, and a member of this community (Milledgeville) for the last 18 years.[1] The younger Andrew's tombstone also describes him as a native of France. However, the relationship between the Revolutionary War soldier Andrew DuBourg and the younger Andrew DuBourg is unclear and needs further research.

Mrs. S. D. Nisbet's letter suggests that the Revolutionary War soldier Andrew DuBourg married: Mary Virginia DeLaunay, daughter of James Anthony DeLaunay, himself a veteran of the Revolutionary War, and Emily La Bourdais.[2] This is confirmed by Mary Virginia's will that states that her deceased brother is Francis DeLauney, who is known to be a son of James Anthony DeLaunay. It also includes her brothers as executors: Gustavus DeLauney and Thomas W. White.

The Revolutionary War soldier Andrew DuBourg's stone reads "Captain, GA Troops" but to date the compilers of this information have seen no evidence confirming this service nor any other evidence concerning his life other than he was a "merchant,"[3] and this is suspect. In the "Harvey List" in Georgia's Roster of the Revolution, p. 413, composed by Mrs. Harvey of the Daughters of the American Revolution, there is a reference that reads: "Du Borde, Captain".  There is also a reference to "DuBourg, no given name Misc Service, card 2221, roll #16" in service records in the National Archives.[4]

From what is believed to be his will signed 3 June 1834 and admitted to record in Baldwin County, Georgia 2 Sept. 1850, he grants: "certain real and personal estate in the Kingdom of France which was inherited from my father." His wife in the will is called "Virginia" and his beloved sister is Eugenie (a?) DuBourg, and no children are listed. Because this will cites his wife as Virginia, and because of the Nisbet letter, it would be the Revolutionary War soldier whose wife was Mary Virginia above, rather than the second Andrew DuBourg. If it is, he died between 1834 and 1848, when Virginia's will was written and probated. However, no obituary of the Revolutionary War Andrew DuBourg has been found in the local papers, which is unusual.

[1]. Georgia Journal, Sept 29, 1836, as shown as Milledgeville, Georgia Newspaper Clippings (Southern Recorder), p. 79.

[2]. Mrs. S.D. Nisbet letter of November 30, 1930 and "My French Ancestors" narrative which was probably written prior to 1930.

[3]. "Merchant" from the S.D. Nisbet letter. However, this merchant may have been the son or relative described above, Andrew Debourg, since "merchant" was likely taken from the Southern Recorder, April 25, 1829: "died at his father's residence in Milledgeville in his 17th year, George H. DeBourg, son of Andrew DeBourg, merchant."

[4]. Index to Revolutionary War Service Records  compiled by Virgil D. White, 1995. These records are based on Series M860, General Index to Compiled Service Records of the Revolutionary War, at the National Archives.

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