Baldwin County (Georgia) Cemeteries

Cemetery listings

The Friends of Baldwin County Cemeteries, Inc. was a non-profit, 501(c)(3), organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of Baldwin County, Georgia cemeteries from 2000-2015. In that time, we catalogued all known cemeteries in Baldwin County, with the exception of Baldwin Memorial Gardens, the Veterans' Cemetery, and Heritage Memorial Park. We also did many cemetery repairs in Baldwin County, especially in Memory Hill Cemetery in Milledgeville.

We will continue to provide listings of Baldwin cemeteries below and searches for specific Baldwin graves. Click the short name below to see the cemetery listing. Note that if the burial has occurred in the last 20 years you may want to check the Search obituaries link since the grave will probably not have been surveyed.

We also continue to run the web site that has search capabilities for our neighboring Hancock, Jones, Washington, and Wilkinson County cemeteries.


Short Name
Full Name
William Anderson Burial Ground
Antioch Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
John Arnold Family Burial Ground
Austin's Memorial Gardens


Short Name
Full Name
William Babb Family Burial Ground
William Babb Family Burial Ground #2
Probable Babb Family Cemetery
Baldwin Memorial Gardens
Banks - Robinson Family Burying Ground
Batson Cemetery
Beckcom (or Beckum or Beckham) Family Cemetery
Bethel United Methodist Church
Beulah Plantation Cemetery
Black Springs Baptist Churchyard
Bland Cemetery
Bone Cemetery rows A,B,D,E
Bone Cemetery rows F,G,H,I
Bone Cemetery rows C,J,K,L,M
Bone Cemetery rows N,O,P,Q
Oliver Perry Bonner Family Burial Ground
Bonner Family Cemetery
Samuel Boykin Family Burial Ground
Brantley Cemetery - see Spring Hill Cemetery
Brown Grove CME Church Cemetery
Brundage Cemetery
Hugh Butler Family Cemetery
Butts - Mason Families Cemetery
Butts - Thomas Cemetery
William Butts Burial Ground
Butts - Stembridge Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Camp Creek Cemetery
Cedar Lane Cemetery (Central State Hospital Cemetery)
Central State Hospital Cemetery (a.k.a. Cedar Lane)
Central State Hospital Cemetery off Laying Farm Rd
Central State Hospital Cemetery #2 off Laying Farm Road
Central State Hospital (a.k.a. Cedar Lane - African American section)
Central State Hospital Cemetery at Rivers Building
Chapman - Huff Cemetery
Clayton Family Cemetery
Collins Family Cemetery
Major Croom Collins Family Cemetery
Coopers Cemetery (see Matilda Chapel Cemetery)
Cooperville Baptist Church Cemetery
Unnamed cemetery on Corral Road
Corwin - Green Family Cemetery
County Line Church Cemetery
County Line Primitive Baptist Church--front cemetery
County Line Primitive Baptist Church--back cemetery.
Courthouse Markers
Probable Cowan Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Davis Family Cemetery
Davis Family Cemetery #2
Dismukes Family Cemetery
Jesse Doles Family Cemetery
Dolsier - Havior Families Gravesite
Old duBignon Plantation Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Eiland Family
Elm Hill Cemetery (see Cooperville Baptist Church Cemetery)
Emmanuel Baptist Church Cemetery
Ennis Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Farror-Lane-Finney Family Burial Ground
Fishing Creek Cemetery
Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery
Friendship Baptist Church Society (WMBS) Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery Milledgeville, GA
Green Cemetery
Green - Corwin Family Cemetery
Green - Henry Family Cemetery
Green (Old) Cemetery (see Old Green Cemetery)
Miller Grieve Cemetery
Gum Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Original Gum Hill Church Cemetery
Gumm Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Hall Cemetery
Andrew J. Hall Family Burial Ground
Hall's Cemetery
Abner Hammond Grave
Harmony Churchyard
Harper - Gorley Family Cemetery
Unnamed graves on old Harper property
W. E. Harris Cemetery
Harvey Family Burial Ground
Hawkins Cemetery
Helton - Hudson Cemetery
Green - Henry Family Cemetery
Heritage Memorial Park
Hicks Cemetery
David Hill Cemetery
Charles Hogan Family Cemetery
Hopewell Methodist Churchyard
Horne Cemetery
John Howard Family Burial Ground
Howe cemetery off Meriwether Rd
John Hubbard Family Graveyard
Huff Family Cemetery
Elisha Humphries Family Burying Ground
Thomas Humphries (Humphris) Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Robert Ivey family cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Drury Jackson Cemetery
Jarrett / Jarratt Family Cemetery
Jasmine Ridge (of Central State Hospital)
Johnson Family Cemetery
J. E. Johnson Grave


Short Name
Full Name
Killings Family Cemetery
Isaac Kitchens Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Lattimore Family Burial Ground
Lattimore Family Burial Ground #2
Lee Family Cemetery
Lester Burial Ground #1
Lester Burial Ground #2


Short Name
Full Name
Manson Cemetery
Martin Family Cemetery
Matilda Chapel Methodist Church
McCall - Sykes Cemetery (see Sykes Cemetery)
Memory Hill Cemetery (has its own website)
Old Midway Cemetery
Mitchell Zion Church Burial Ground
Montpelier Methodist Churchyard
Lueco Moore Family Cemetery
William Moran Family Burial Ground
John B. Moran Burial Ground
T. A. J. Moran Family Cemetery
Mt. Hope C.M.E. church
Mount Olive Churchyard
Mount Pleasant Baptist Churchyard
John Myrick Family Burial Ground
Unnamed graves on old Myrick property


Short Name
Full Name
Neriah - see County Line Primitive Baptist Church
John Neves Cemetery
Newton Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Oak Bethel Pentecostal Church Cemetery
Oak Grove Methodist Churchyard
Oak Grove Baptist Church #1 Cemetery
Old Green Cemetery
James Osborn Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Richard Parham Family Burial Ground
Pine Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery
Pleasant Grove Methodist Churchyard
Poor House Cemetery
Posey Family Cemetery
Georgia State Penitentiary at Milledgeville
Pugh Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name


Short Name
Full Name
Randolph Cemetery
Ray Cemetery
Red Hill Prison Cemetery
Reeves Cemetery (See St. Paul Old Cemetery)
Renfroe Family Cemetery
William Felton Rice Cemetery
Riversideview Cemetery
James Ennis Roberson Family Cemetery
Old Roberson Place Cemetery on Black Springs Road
John R. Robinson Family Burial Ground
Robinson Family #2 Cemetery - see Banks-Robinson Family
Rock Mill Baptist Church Cemetery
Hezekiah Rogers Family Cemetery
Rose - Little Cemetery
Rowell Family Cemetery
Rutherford Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Salem Baptist Churchyard
Sand Hill Cemetery
Jesse Sanford Family Burial Ground
W. A. Sanford Family Burial Ground
Scenic Memorial Gardens
Scoggins-Banks Family Cemetery
J. S. Scogin Family Cemetery
Scotts Chapel CME Church Cemetery
Simmons Cemetery
Sims Cemetery (see Johnson Family Cemetery)
Gunar F. Sjolin memorial
Samuel Slaughter Family Burial Ground
Leonidas Smith Family Cemetery
Snead Family Burying Ground
Spring Hill Cemetery
J. E. Stembridge Cemetery
Stembridge Children in Butts-Stembridge Cemetery
Fleming Stevens Family Cemetery
Stiles (Styles) Cemetery
St. Mary Baptist Church Cemetery
St. Mary's Baptist Church on Sparta Hwy (see Green Cemetery)
St. Paul Church Cemetery
St. Paul Old Cemetery
Sykes - McCall Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name
Tatum Cemetery
Taylor Family Cemetery
Tollison Cemetery
Torrance Family Burial Ground
Torrance Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery
Turk - Watson Family Burial Ground


Short Name
Full Name
Una's Memorial Park
Union Hill Methodist Churchyard
Unknown Cemetery #1 on Stembridge Rd.
Unknown Cemetery #2 at intersection of Ennis and Crawford Rds.
Unknown Cemetery #3 (destroyed) on Lingold Rd
Unknown Cemetery #4 on Gumm Cemetery Road
Unknown Cemetery #5 off Black Springs Rd.
Unknown Cemetery #6 off Jule Ingram Rd
Unknown Cemetery #7 on Sparta Hwy, probably a Babb Cemetery
Unknown Cemetery #8 on Sparta Hwy
Unknown Cemetery #9 on Hwy 22 near Brown's Crossing Road
Unknown Cemetery #10 on Stembridge Rd


Short Name
Full Name
Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery Milledgeville, GA


Short Name
Full Name
Waller Family Cemetery
John Watson grave
Watson Family Burial Ground -- see Turk-Watson
West - Neal Cemetery
Unnamed graves at Westover Plantation (possibly Old Jordan Cemetery)
West View Cemetery
(section A)
West View Cemetery
(section B)
West View Cemetery
(section C)
West View Cemetery
(section D)
West View Cemetery
(Recent Burials not mapped into cemetery)
Whitaker Grave Yard
Wimberly Family Cemetery
Womens' Missionary Baptist Cemetery at Friendship Church
Cullen Wood Family Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name


Short Name
Full Name
Joseph Youngblood Cemetery


Short Name
Full Name