Baldwin County (Georgia) Cemeteries

About this web site

About this Web Site

The content of this web site is due to the efforts of a large group of volunteers and is based upon the information gathered for One Hundred Three Lost or Found Cemeteries of Baldwin County, Georgia, 1814-1999, by Elizabeth L. Dawson, Louise M. Horne, and Anne M. King, with technical adviser, Susan J. Harrington, published by Mary Vinson Memorial Library, Milledgeville, GA, 1999 (272 pages). Much of the knowledge of the whereabouts of these cemeteries was gleaned by these three ladies over the course of 25 years. Additional major contributors to the book and to the content within the web site were Warren Layfield, Marcelle Clark Bridgeman, Valette Jordan Adkins, Elsie Clark, and Hugh Harrington. Warren Layfield and Susan Harrington completed the cemetery listings by gathering GPS locations and finding the last of the cemeteries that had not already been done. We also need to thank the many people who have contributed their knowledge of the whereabouts of cemeteries or have provided indexes of specific cemeteries.

This site was begun in late 2000 by Professor Susan J. Harrington. Thanks to Charles Thornton of Montgomery, Alabama, there are pictures of individuals in Cooperville Baptist Church Cemetery, as well as a very nice family picture in the beginning of the grave listing of Salem Baptist Churchyard. Jerrold Wright continues to type recent obituary data for people not indexed in the previous surveys. In 2016, Susan Harrington converted the web site to be mobile friendly, thereby changing its look.

No money has been made by any of the volunteers, compilers or web designers, and this web site has been provided for the sole purpose of aiding family researchers, historians, and the Baldwin County community. The hosting of the web site was paid for by the Friends of Baldwin County Cemeteries.